Guide to 'Prepaid Electricity Bill'

How is your electricity bill calculated?
Fixed Charge: This is a cost that goes towards making the service available, including installation and maintenance of poles, power lines and equipment and customer care.

Consumption Charge: This is your electricity consumption within the billing period. One unit is equivalent to one-kilowatt hour. Umeme uses part of this money to procure bulk power from electricity generating companies, which it retails to its customers.

Fuel Index Charge: This is the added cost or rebates to the consumers as a result of fluctuations in world prices as well as fluctuations in the quantity of oil consumed by electricity generation. The fuel cost charge lags one month behind the actual the actual price of the fuel. This money is collected by Umeme and all of it is passed on directly to electricity generation companies, who in turn pay fuel suppliers.

Forex Charge: The foreign exchange component is related to the fluctuation of hard currencies against the Uganda Shilling for expenditure related to the power sector e.g. projects loan repayments.

VAT: This statutory levy amounting to 16% of the total bill and is passed on to the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA).